Unreal Engine4 Advanced Game Development Training in Hyderabad

About Course
What You Learn?

Why Unreal? It is a premium, award-winning, real-time engine noted for realism. You can learn Unreal Engine with zero programming knowledge and its perfect for beginners. Unreal Engine 4 is uncomplicated and gives you scope to create much higher quality games. There is a very big list of games created using Unreal Engine including major and popular games.

In this course at Infinito Gaming Studio, We will be teaching you how to utilize the newly released next-generation engine Unreal Engine 4 to fabricate your own games that can be played on a variety of platforms. It is one of the two favored game engines available to the public today other being Unity.

This course covers many aspects of the engine such as Primitive Geometry, Content Creation, Lighting, Texture, etc., Unreal Engine does have the coding language but also offers free visual scripting add on called Blueprints. Batman: Arkham City, Unreal Tournament 2004, Borderland 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown are some of the glorious games that are developed using Unreal Engine 4.

Reasons to Study Unreal Engine 4

>There is no need for learning c++ to build games

> Unreal Engine allows you to create high-quality games

> It is a very good option for novice game developers

Our Approach

Infinito Gaming Studio teaches you on how to use the engine, quick prototyping of games, bringing your ideas from concepts to life in a playable form utilizing the engine robust toolset. In addition, you will be provided with a thorough look at the engine and all of its aspects. To highlight these skills you will finish your course by creating a demo real that showcases your best work.

Career Pathways





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Entry Requirements

  • This course for game developers with a basic and intermediate knowledge of Unreal Engine and C++ programming.

Entry Procedure


Entrance: Test and Interview

In this course, you will learn:

  • Start material programming in UE 4
  • Implement material functions in UE 4
  • Create core logging, math, foliage, and landscape APIs
  • Create your own gameplay API using UE 4
  • Learn basic concepts such as classes, actors, and components
  • Learn advanced topics such as in-class communications, AI, and shader programming

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