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In the last few years, gaming on smartphones is well received than ever. In recent times, phones are being made especially for gaming. Mobile gaming industry slowly became bigger and bigger until it is the most popular way to play games. Over fifty percent of the gaming market shares are in smartphones. However, mobile gaming isn’t a replacement for the traditional video gaming industry.

Mobile Game Development course at Infinito Gaming Studio guides students through the entire game development cycle, from a mere concept to finished project. It is our goal is to mentor the students with pivot knowledge and master the game development in a way that makes you qualified for entry-level positions as game programmers.

Mobile gaming, designed to be played in short and satisfying sessions. Experts say that providing recreation in few seconds as mobile games do, is something to be celebrated, not undermined. The game development environment enhanced in both quality and quantity in just a few years.

Reasons to study Mobile Game Development

> This industry has changed into a multi-billion dollar industry in a decade.

> WithWorking in a stress-free environment is fun at a job

> Individuals/Freelancers can make huge money in profits by producing or developing the right games.

Our Approach

At Infinito, Our course focuses on the art and design of mobile games and animation. You will learn writing computer programs in the core languages such as C and C++. Students at Infinito Gaming Studio gets exposure to a variety of tools and processes including scripting languages used by professional designers. With our syllabus, we offer a strong foundation in mobile game development for all of our students.

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Entry Requirements

Standard graduates or postgraduates from any discipline with a desire to know and practice the basics of java and c++

Entry Procedure

Entrance Test and Interview

Duration: 3 Months

Time: 2hour 30mins Daily

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