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What You Learn?
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Playing games is one of the oldest ways for fun and refreshment in human beings. As technology moves forward, the definitions and forms of games are changing. Today, computer games are quite favored by both children and adults. Game zones are becoming commercial fields. These games are so much in demand by making game design as a career option more challenging

Infinito Gaming Studio offers Game Arts & Design course for those who wish to make their career in Game Design. We train you in functions like designing characters, levels and puzzles or art, animation, etc., Our professional instructors will take you in-depth with the techniques that make your characters and environment come alive by using the same hardware and software as professional gaming studios.

Game designing is a lucrative field with full of challenges/competition in creativity. India has many golden opportunities for aspirants of Game Designing. By the end of your course at Infinito Gaming Studio will take you from imagining a game to designing it. We will provide the required tutoring to provide the jumpstart for your journey toward a career into Game Designing

Reasons to study Games Art & Design

> Game Designing is in demand in India and Abroad.

> With 30 billion dollar slab in the USA, Game Designing is a great career choice

> You will have the window of opportunity to create undying characters/games.

> The opportunity to exhibiting your creativity/imagination is countless.

Our Approach

This program at Infinito Gaming Studio starts by getting you familiar in the production of gaming models such as props, vehicles, and characters. Once you have mastered that you will learn how to export your objects and ad programs and light your scene in a game engine allowing game programmers to implement them into a video game. With our professional guidance, you will be equipped for the gaming industry in a crack.

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Entry Requirements

Standard Plus Two pass, undergraduates or postgraduates from any discipline with a desire to know and practice the basics of 3D modelling using 3DS Max and Maya

Entry Procedure

Entrance Test and Interview

What do we learn?

Game Arts and Design Students explore the fundamentals of 2D and 3D asset creation in Maya and Photoshop, the dominant industry standard software. They learn and apply fundamental principles behind all 2D image and 3D polygon graphics, regardless of platform, game engine, or creative software. Students make several game-ready assets using the core Photoshop and Maya tool sets used in game art creation and develop a strong overview of the game art creative process. Storytelling about Contemporary entertainment franchises are not limited by the storytelling constraints of one medium. This course examines how different media can be used as part of a unified story strategy that leverages the strengths of each, while capitalizing on the potential of the whole.

What we focus on

3d fundamentals

Analytical figure drawing

Art foundation

High Rez modeling


Character modeling

Digital concept art

Environment modeling

Hard surface modeling

Shading for games

Texture painting

Time: Daily 2 hours

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