Advanced Modeling and Animation Training

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Every single 3D artist/animator should have a minimum understanding of Modelling. Why? it is very crucial to the animation, you are creating and building. Texturing, Lighting, Animating they all require you to have basic knowledge of modelling to start with. If you can’t do modelling, then you always have to rely on another person/colleague work. Keeping this in mind, Infinito Gaming Studio has brought you the Advanced Modelling training to Hyderabad.

By pursuing this advanced modelling course, you will be skilled/trained to find a solution to the problems that are difficult to solve earlier. Enhance your animation skillset by learning Advanced Modelling techniques and tools that will help you to model any shape from rigid objects to characters with confidence.

This course helps you to create your models more professionally. Attention to detail is an important thing that student must consider before Modelling. As soon as you know the trick and enhance you're in detail, you will be able to do any shape.

Reasons to study Advanced Modelling and Animation Training

• It gives life to your animation and it is a growing artform

• Advanced Modelling is an uncommon skill.

• Advanced Modelling professionals: They have a very high income

• It introduces you to the whole new professionalism in your works.

Our Approach

We focus on advanced modelling workflows that are required for fast modelling. Infinito Gaming Studio provides training and access to the required tools and software. Later on the course, you will learn more advanced and complex tools like Sculpting, Workflows, Lighting e.t.c., Our in-house trainers constantly review your assignments and give you portfolio advice which is needed for your professional career.

Career Pathways

Modeling Artist 3D Generalist

Render Artist Character Animator

Layout Artist 3D Generalist

Clean-up Artist Roto Artist

Entry Requirements

Standard 10 pass, Plus Two pass

Entry Procedure

Entrance Test and Interview

Duration: 6 Months

Time: 2 hours Daily

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